Class 6

Welcome to Class 6's Page

These are our teachers for 2023/24:
Our class teacher is Miss Hodgson.
We are taught by Mrs Eadsforth on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and on Thursday afternoons.
Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Ransome and Mrs Dennett.

Reading Spine 2023-2024

Term 3 - 2024 - The Ancient Maya

This term we have been learning about the Ancient Maya in great detail. We started by learning about when and where they lived and have gone on to discover all sorts of interesting facts about them. We learnt how trade was important and the types of goods that were bartered across regions of Central America. We used our knowledge of the rain-forest from Year 4 to work out why the Maya thrives in their environment. As historians we have looked at primary and secondary sources of evidence to discover more about different aspects of life such as sport, homes and food. Most recently we have become experts and ‘built’  a Maya city-state which we explained to Year 4. (We even compared the Maya palaces to Roman palaces which Year 4 have just learnt about.)

Term 2 - 2023 - Antarctica

We have begun the new term with a new topic. We will be learning all about the continent of Antarctica; the highest, driest, coldest and windiest continent on the earth. We have already found out about the location of the continent and some of its major human and physical features. Throughout the rest of the term, we will be learning about the continent’s  history and how scientists study the area to learn more about climate change.

Term 1 - 2023 - The Secret Spitfires

During the first term of this year, our topic was ‘The Secret Spitfires.’ We learnt all about life on the home front in World War 2 and how it affected the way people went about their daily business. We learnt that the Second World War broke out when German forces in invaded Poland in September 1939. We were visited by Mrs Hodgson, who was evacuated to the safety of the countryside as a child. We learned all about the production of planes, especially Spitfires, at the Supermarine factory in Southampton. We were fascinated to find out that the Luftwaffe destroyed this factory and that Spitfires were then made in secret all around different locations in Salisbury. People built parts of the planes all around the city in garages and even garden sheds, before they were transported to the area near The Stones Hotel and assembled. To round our topic off, we spent a really enjoyable day at The Boscombe Down Aviation Collection finding out about the significance of the local area in the development of military flight. 

Forest School

This term, Class 6 have also enjoyed learning outside on a Tuesday morning with Mel. We have taken part in ‘Forest School’ activities that have encouraged us to learn new things in new ways. We worked collaboratively to build shelters and tested them to see if they were weatherproof. We have found out about all sorts of British wildlife and threats to their survival. We discovered how animals camouflage themselves and adapt to environmental conditions.  We have worked as a class, in groups, with partners and on our own. We also learnt lots of practical skills, such as tying different types of knot. It was a fabulous experience for us all and we are very grateful to Mel for planning and leading the sessions. 

Our curriculum: