Class 6

Welcome to class 6

Our teacher is Miss Hodgson

our teaching assistants are Mrs Ransome and Mrs Foord

Autumn 2022

We are working especially hard on our Maths Passports this term, so that by February half term we are all working on Year 4 Passports (or beyond.)

Please test your children at home and help them to pass as many passports as possible.

Our Topic this half-term is ‘The Tudors’

We have already started learning about the Tudors through our history and Literacy lessons. We have learnt about The Wars of the Roses and how Henry VII brought peace between the warring families symbolised by the Tudor Rose.

We have recently started to learn about the importance of heirs to Tudor monarchs and how this changed history, religion and daily life in this country.

In literacy we are studying Macbeth using the story adapted by Andrew Matthews and the BBC Schools animations. We have already looked at how authors use imagery to create atmospheres and action.

Sabiha based her writing on what she had read…..

The castle fell silent. It was well past midnight. Macbeth paced the hallways thinking what to do, as his hands began to tremor. Should he kill the king? Why was his wife, Lady Macbeth, so keen to move ahead with their plan? All of these unanswered questions swam through his mind creating a fog that was increasingly hard to see reason through. He listened tentatively for any poisonous noise that drifted past.

Spring 2022

Our Topic at the start of this year was Marvellous Machines

Our learning in Science (Charles Darwin and Evolution) linked to our Big Question in RE: Science and Religion; Conflicting or Complimentary? We learnt about religious views about creation and scientific parallels. Children were encouraged to think about how differing viewpoints could not only co-exist but support each other.