Welcome to Reception Class

Lots of bubbling learners can be found in our classroom!

Our Teachers are Mrs Usherwood (Mon-Thurs am) and Mrs Donson (Thurs pm and Fri).
Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hudson.

Autumn Term

During the Autumn term, our topic will be ‘Me and My Family’. We will be settling into our new classroom and getting to know all the adults and our new friends. We will begin to think about ourselves and our bodies, families and where we live. We will also think about our senses.

In the second half of the term our topic will be ‘Starry Night’. We will be thinking about bonfire night, Diwali and Christmas. There will be lots of singing, dancing and most importantly, GLITTER! We will learn about the nativity story and why it is important to Christians.

Term 2: PSHE

This half term we have been thinking about Resilience. We have explored what this word means and how we feel about ourselves. We have been working on seeing ourselves in a positive way and building up our resilience when things are challenging or difficult. Our class moto is…’Keep On Trying’.  We thought about something we want to get better at and have set our own challenges. 

Term 1: RE

We have enjoyed meeting our persona dolls ‘Tim and Tessa’ this term, and learning that they are Christians. They have helped us to learn the story of Creation. They taught us that jellyfish are their favourite animal, and that animals are very precious to Christians, along with everything else God created. We had lots of fun making our own jellyfish. We also worked together to make jelly, which we chopped up and added hot water to. The next day we went out in the sun for a picnic!

Useful websites and apps for home learning to practise what we have been doing in school

Maths games- Topmarks offers a range of games that can be played on a computer.
Phonics games– Phonics Play offers a range of games that can be played on a computer or iPad. It is no longer free for families so please follow the registration details.
Literacy games– Topmarks also offer some literacy games including phonics ones.

Apps that may be useful
White rose maths app- used in and recommended by school
Busy Things app- used in school for independent learning
Teach Your Monster to Read
Wee Kids Maths
Reading Eggs
Aliens and Numbers