Welcome to Reception Class

Lots of bubbling learners can be found in our classroom!

Our Teachers are Mrs Usherwood (Mon-Thurs am) and Mrs Donson (Thurs pm and Fri).
Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hudson.

Reception Reading Spine 

We will be looking at these books in class over the course of the year.

Summer Term

In the Summer Term our topics will be ‘ready, steady, sow’ and ‘Once upon a time’. As part of our ‘ready, steady, sow’ topic we have been busy learning the story of the enormous turnip and have planted our own turnip seeds. We have been carefully looking after the plants and thinking about what they need to grow.  

Trip to the Langford Lakes

We had a wonderful day visiting the Langford Lakes. We enjoyed pond dipping, minibeast hunting and creating some ‘wild art’. We found lots of animals living in the nature reserve, including newts, many many worms and even a goose nest with some eggs in! We were all such super stars during the day, our teachers were very proud of us. 

Coronation Celebrations

We have had lots of fun celebrating the Coronation of King Charles. We decorated our classroom and made a castle outside, complete with a throne and drawbridge! Here are some pictures of us getting ready for our coronation picnic…

Spring Term

In the Spring term, our topics will be ‘Winter Wonderland’ and then ‘Animal Kingdom’ (please see parent planners at the bottom of this page). ‘

Chinese New Year

In our RE work, we have been learning about different ways in which people celebrate new year. We enjoyed learning about the lunar new year and the story of the Chinese zodiac. We celebrated by making our own dragons and holding a dragon parade on the playground.  With the help of Mrs Carpenter, we also prepared and cooked a delicious stir fry. Happy new year!

Teddy Day

‘If you go down to the woods today, you’ll never believe your eyes…’

We had a very exciting time bringing our teddies to school for the day. They helped us with our learning and we worked together to set up picnics for them. We decorated plates and enjoyed a special Teddy bear picnic as a class to celebrate.

Autumn Term

During the Autumn term, our topic will be Marvellous Me. We will be settling into our new classroom and getting to know all the adults and our new friends. We will begin to think about ourselves and our bodies, families and where we live. We will also think about our sense.

In the second half of the term we will be thinking about Sparkle and Shine. We will be thinking about Christmas. There will be lots of singing, dancing and most importantly, GLITTER! We will learn about the nativity story and why it is so important to Christians.


Fire Service Visit

We had a wonderful visit from the fire service. We learnt about the fire engine and got to take a look inside.


We have enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of light. We have worked together to create rangoli patterns and diya lamps to celebrate the festival with our friends. Happy Diwali!

Useful websites and apps for home learning to practise what we have been doing in school

Maths games- Topmarks offers a range of games that can be played on a computer.
Phonics games– Phonics Play offers a range of games that can be played on a computer or iPad. It is no longer free for families so please follow the registration details.
Literacy games– Topmarks also offer some literacy games including phonics ones.

Apps that may be useful
White rose maths app- used in and recommended by school
Busy Things app- used in school for independent learning
Teach Your Monster to Read
Wee Kids Maths
Reading Eggs
Aliens and Numbers