Class 2

Welcome to Class 2

Our class teachers are Miss Clark and Mrs Donson. Our TA is Mrs Dibden.

Lots of bubbling learners can be found in our classroom!

Autumn Term

Green Screen


We have enjoyed experimenting with the green screen to make our Christmas cards and calendars to take home as gifts. We learnt how to use the Do Ink app on our school iPads. Here are some of our creations!

The Great Fire of London


This term we have enjoyed being historians and learning all about The Great Fire of London. We investigated the ways houses were built in London in 1666 and discovered that the building materials and cramped conditions helped the fire to spread quickly. We then compared this with the safer houses we live in today, and wrote building rules for rebuilding London. We designed and made our own houses and put them together to make a big Pudding Lane. As you can see, we completed these on our pyjama day!



In our RE lessons we have been learning the Christian story of ‘Creation’, and discussing the question ‘Who made the world?’. One of the things we focused on was the 7th day, the day of rest. We combined this with our PSHE work and explored the importance of slowing down and resting and wrote our own recipes for a perfect day of rest. We made our own ‘calm cups’ to take home, filled with lavender and other natural things we collected on a mindfulness walk. They smelled amazing!

We have enjoyed exploring these websites as part of our Literacy, Maths and Topic work. You can enjoy them too.(Click the pictures to go to the website)