Class 2

Welcome to Class 2

Our class teachers for 2023/2024 are Mrs Morgan and Mrs Eadsforth (Fridays). Our TA is Mrs Dibden.

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Spring Term 2024

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Autumn Term 2023

Autumn Term 1

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This term, Year 2 have enjoyed learning all about life in the 1600s and the impact that the Great Fire of London had on London and how we build houses today. 

We were lucky enough to have the Fire Service in class. The children had the opportunity to dress in some of the kit a fire fighter would wear. We learned about fire safety and how to seek help in a emergency. 

To finish off our topic, the children made their own Tudor style house and we lined them all up as if they were the streets of London in 1666- fortunately all ovens were deep cleaned that day and no houses were harmed.  

Autumn Term 2

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