Phonics at St Andrews is taught discreetly throughout Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 with continued support throughout year 3 and 4 for those who require further phonics teaching and input.




At St Andrews Primary School we use the scheme, Anima Phonics. This is a fun, exciting and engaging programme designed to help children develop confidence and independence in reading and writing.

Each sound is introduced to the children with an exciting song, picture and letter formation rhyme as well as an action to support the sound.


We support our letter formation with the use of pictures and rhymes linking with Anima phonics. In Reception and Year 1 we focus on forming letters correctly – starting in the right place, going in the right direction and placing it on the line correctly (using ascenders and descenders). When the child is ready, they will begin to look at blends and joining their letters together. This will happen towards the end of Year 1 and in Year 2

Phonics Play