Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

Our Teachers from January 2024 are as follows:

Mrs Staplehurst - Class Teacher (Mon to Weds a.m. and Fri)
Mrs Freiman - PPA Teacher (Weds p.m. and Thurs)
Miss Budworth - Teaching Assistant

St Andrew’s Year 5 Reading Spine  2023-2024 

Homework Expectations - Please refer to the Home Learning Policy

Autumn Term 2 - 2023 Topic: Natural Disasters (Wild Isles - The UK and Japan)

This term we will be studying natural disasters, focusing on the UK and Japan. It is interesting to debate current thinking – that there is no such thing as a ‘natural’ disaster – more that the scale of a disaster depends upon the country’s ability to respond to a natural event. This idea will be considered in class, drawing on examples of how different countries are able to respond to these events. A key resource will be the ‘Shelterbox’ website, a charity that responds to natural events around the world, helping to minimise the disaster that ensues. We shall be researching ‘natural’ disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and flooding, comparing and contrasting those within the UK and Japan. The picture book ‘Flood’ – by Alvaro F. Villa – will be our source of inspiration for creative writing. Using figurative language to control the mood will be a key focus in fictional narratives. A non-chronological report about natural disasters will also be created to inform our key audience – you!

In art, we will be painting and printing, exploring the use of complementary colours, using the works of Japanese Ukiyo-e artists (primarily Katsushika Hokusai) to guide us. Science will see us learning how to draw scientific apparatus, whilst investigating what happens when a solute dissolves in a solvent to make a solution. Towards the end of the term, we shall study reversible and irreversible changes and use our knowledge to explain what happens when we pop a bath bomb into water. Of course, we will need to make our bath bombs first and perhaps package some up for Christmas presents…

Forest School for Class 5 will run this term on Tuesday Mornings and I know our pupils are excited about this adventurous learning in the outdoor environment. Do remember warm and waterproof clothing, with wellies. Please refer to the Class 5 Curriculum Map, Parent Planner and Knowledge Organiser for more details about our learning this term. 

Autumn Term 1 - 2023 Topic: Natural Resources and the Environment

Sky Hawk – a wonderful book by Gill Lewis set in the Highlands of Scotland – will be our inspiration this term. We will follow the migration path of Iris, an endangered osprey, from her ‘summer’ home in Scotland to her ‘winter’ home in The Gambia, Africa. Our own versions of the journey of Iris, and the dangers that she might encounter along the way, will be published in a class book. As part of our investigation into this term’s topic – Natural Resources and the Environment – we will study the issues that we face, as a global community, with plastic pollution. Research around this very real issue will help us to write instructions on ‘how to save an osprey’, should we find one entangled in the dreaded fishing wire. A study of book illustration, with an initial focus on ‘Shaun Tan’, will help us to create our own illustrations for our creative writing. 

And so it was… Class 5 have risen to the challenge, writing and illustrating exquisite narratives of their osprey’s journey. These have been published and collated in a class book. Not only that, a literary theatre afternoon allowed the pupils to perform and share their creations, with a hot chocolate break during the half time interval!

Science and Maths - Term 1

Using and applying our knowledge of decimal fractions to measure mass, length and capacity in maths gave us a fantastic opportunity to practise our science skills, ensuring that we read the meniscus of the water at eye-level. Only accurate readings were accepted! We have also been investigating the best insulators to use so that we minimise the transfer of thermal energy. Our scientists will be able to recommend a packaging product for ‘Go Fresh’ or ‘Deliveroo’ very soon!

Music - Term 1

Such fun has been had by all, learning to rock along with Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’. There is a fine line between singing rock songs and shouting rock songs and we are not sure that we were always hitting the high notes…but we tried! And we sang. And we played!

STEM Club - Autumn 2023

We have had a fantastic time in STEM Club this term studying physics and chemistry. The CREST AWARDS scheme has provided an exciting variety of challenges for all to explore. What is the best material for plugging holes in a leaky water vessel? What mixture will make the strongest glue? Ask a STEM buddy as they pass and they’ll be sure to advise.