Class 5

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Autumn 2022

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Spring 2

This term we have focused on our D.T topic. We have had lots of time exploring ways to make secure and strong buildings and structures to be able to ‘survive an earthquake’. 

In R.E we have looked at the Hindu celebration of Colour – ‘Holi’. We were able to find out different facts about the Hindu form of worship, festivals and how they show commitment to their god. We had a ‘Holi’ afternoon where we used henna decoration and had a powder throwing session.

Spring 1 

We have kicked off our Topic of Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Year 5. We have already learned about the horrific events of Pompeii and how we were able to find out so much about the events in 79AD. We have used some Slow Writes to creat some effective writing based around our story of “Survivor – Escape from Pompeii”.

” I heard screaming villagers and children crying. Lava flooded down and black mist rose up from the volcano. Life is ending! I knew that I should run but my friend was in there. She could die! Would I get there in time? Running into the msit, I saw her lying on the ground. Still. Life itself was still. Breathing heavily, I wondered if my best friend’s life was really over. I look around to try and find help but everyone had gone. It was too late.” Evie


“Help me! Running for our lives, we managed to survive. I could see many buildings getting destroyed in the volcanos path. Screams of death crawled into my ears. My heart crumbled. Should I go back and get my belongings or would it drain my energy? Slowly, the ash block us in the path of the volcano.” Henry 

Autumn 2

This term we have been focusing on developing our descriptions within our writing. We have tried 2 new approaches to this; Slow writing and DADWAVERS. These strategies help us really think about our writing and build it up sentence by sentence. Below is some of our writing outcomes from using these techniques.

Slow Write – Mother of Dragons

Zoya lovingly let the curious little creature nestle down in her cold, quivering hands. The small creatures breath-taking body shimmered beautifully in the snowy morning light. Its wings calmly swaying like a swan swimming. The dragon’s welcoming beak smiled in the whiteness of the snow. Its amber horns shone in the cold, dawn sun. Zoya felt a shiver up her spine. Trepidation raced over her. What would she do? She knew however scared she felt she had to make this dangerous journey. 

By Evie 

DADWAVERS – Christmas 

I looked outside from my snow covered cabin at the dusted pine trees swaying in the freezing breeze. I hugged my cat closer as the snow began to fall faster. “I wonder when the snow will stop?” I asked myself dreamily. Our little cabin was almost completely submerged in snow, in the heart of Norway. Warmly, I went to join the other people singing and feasting. 

As I headed for the food scattered table, I felt Christmas Spirit fill my heart. I peered out at the star scattered sky. “It’s very late for me to be up,” I thought. Will I be able to sleep tonight? I felt excitement rush through me. It was almost Christmas.  

By Eloise

Autumn 1

We have settled back into the term extremely well. We have enjoyed our Viking Topic and finding out lots of facts. On the 7th October we had a Viking visitor in school. We learnt SO many new facts, played some games and had so much fun. Check out our pictures below.

We have been looking at the story of Beowulf and writing some descriptions about the horrible Grendel. Here is some writing we have done:

In the deep, dark, depths of the swamp a monster lurked. This monster was known as Grendel. Grendel had been around for many many years, killing thousands of people. His name was known throughout Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The menacing glow of his eyes lured people into the waters to slowly drown. King Hrothgar built a great banqueting hall on the edge of a swamp. Little did he know this would be the biggest mistake of his life. Him and his people partied all night and feasted until late. Grendel’s blood stained face got angrier the more they partied. He had had enough. His dark silhouette crept through the swamp towards the great oak door.



Putrid. Silhouetted. Creature. Lumbering slowly out of a grimy marsh of water and slick mud, fangs yellowed and blood dripping, Decaying skin like rotten bark and an obscure, demented soul came together to create this monster. He sloshed out of his bath of unknown brown, ten father through the dead trees and pungent earthy ground. 

Trudging past repulsive plants – the vile animal spread his malevolent self further and further towards a meal of blood curdling screams. Grendel smelt rotting ground – like strawberries and cream to him. The dark canopy’s of dead leaves started to decline as he advanced forward in his path. Giant thorns grappled at his skin but he did not notice. He was impenetrable. By now he could almost see the light from the vast banqueting hall. He dreaded the sound of laughter and song but the main thing on his mind was defeating, killing and smearing blood on the walls of the building to warn (and scare) others. 



We are looking forward to having a Viking Visitor come in the next few weeks to find out even more about the Vikings.