Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Our teachers for 2023/24 are Miss Smith and Mrs Freiman.

Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Fagan.

St Andrew’s Year 4 Reading Spine  2023-2024

Term 1 - Ancient Greece

Literacy Term 1 - Leo and the Gorgon's Curse

Leo and the Gorgon’s Curse by Joe Todd-Stanton has been the source of inspiration for writing throughout this term. Linking our writing to our work in History with Ancient Greece, we follow the story of Leo’s journey to Athens in search of great adventure. Faced with the Gorgon, along with other mythical creatures, we discovered if Leo was able to catch them and help Athena. Taking inspiration from these tales, we have created our own mythical creatures, described in detail through non-chronological reports. Using these fantastic creations, we could then begin writing a narrative extract in which the hero Leo is sent on another epic quest to catch them…

Science Term 1 - States of Matter

This term we have been investigating the states of matter and putting into practice our observation and investigation skills. We investigated whether custard was a liquid and were able to observe water cooling using thermometers, but the class favourite by far was observing melting using chocolate!