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School Partnered with: Dali Central Primary School Guangzhou


We set up our partnership in 2010/11 and since then have done many activities related to China. The whole school did a topic on China for a term as an introduction to our links with China. The best bit was the morning exercise that we did EVERY morning at 10.00am as a school, on the playground. Our headteacher showed us a video of the 1700 children at Dali Central Primary School performing their exercising routines and so we had a speaker system installed for the music that they used, including the ‘march out’ music and even a brand new flagpole, complete with the flag of China. The headteacher from Dali Central school visited us and watched us, she was very impressed with our marching out and exercise routine especially with our reception children.

We have done many exciting activities over the last 2 years including, Chinese dance (with the dragon heads brought back from China), lots of Chinese artwork, writing, learning to speak and count, (a lady from Bishop Wordsworth helped us for a few weeks) we even had Chinese school dinners with fortune cookies.

Dali Central Primary sent mails to school and we made and sent letters and gifts to them, even though it took 7 weeks for the parcel to arrive. The children when they wrote back have the most beautiful handwriting we have ever seen (even when they write in English).

St. Andrew’s worked with 2 other schools (Downton Primary and Greentrees Primary) and together we went on a British Council Chinese course in Surrey where the 10 pupils from the 3 schools took part in many activities, over the week to promote Chinese culture the best ones were: ribbon dancing, calligraphy and mask making. We both had to do an assembly to the whole school after the Summer holidays about the trip and we have been challenged to make sure each class can count up to 10 in Chinese.

This group met together with a teacher from Greentrees who helped us to plan mini workshops and an assembly which we delivered in each of the 3 schools. We also held a Chinese Dance session for all of the 3 schools to join in with too.