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Welcome to Class 6's webpage!

Our teacher in Class 6 is Miss Hodgson 

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Morton and Mrs Ransome

It's almost Easter and through the Spring term we have enjoyed a

variety of learning.

In Literacy we have learnt to read and write

different styles of report, narrative poetry (we especially enjoyed

Michael Rosen's poetry about his son Eddie) and argument and debates.
In Maths, we have learnt about translating shapes, calculating perimeter,

area and volume, fractions decimals and percentages and have

tackled short and long division. 

In Science we have learnt in great detail about evolution and adaptation.

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Our topic for the summer term will be:

'Star and Stripes - A Study of the Ancient Maya'

We will look at characteristics of the civilisation and when it existed,

study their unique forms of writing, examine how they recorded

and calculated time, research their buildings and cities, find out how they

used transport, hear some of their legends, investigate food and farming

techniques and learn about how their society was structured around
family units. 

In Maths and Literacy we will be practising essential skills and revising our

learning in preparation for SAT's week which begins on 8th May.

In Literacy we will also write persuasive texts, short fantasy stories

and non-chronological reports.

We will be completing a series ofchallenges and investigations in Maths.

In Science, we will be studying animals and in particular, the human body.


Parent Planners for Class 6

Please click on the links below to download these PDF files.

Autumn 2014 Parent Planner

Spring 2015 Parent Planner

Autumn 2015 Parent Planner

Summer 2016 Parent Planner

Autumn 2016 Parent Planner

Spring 2017 Parent Planner

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