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If a music teacher has to cancel a lesson for any reason, they will arrange a mutually convenient date to make up the time.  Please note that we need a term's written notice if you wish to cancel school music lessons.


Days for Lessons at St Andrew's for 2016/17

String Lessons - Mondays am (Mrs Moody)

Woodwind Lessons - Thursday pm (Mrs Hind)

Brass Lessons - Fridays pm (Mr Walker)

Class Recorder Lessons (Years 3 and 4) - Fridays pm (Mr Walker)

Band Club after school on Fridays for all children learning an instrument (Mr Walker)


Music Lesson Terms for 2016/17 (33 weeks over the school year)

Autumn Term 2016 (12 lessons) - starting on Friday 9 September.

Spring Term 2017 - (11 lessons) - starting on Wednesday 4 January

Summer Term 2017 - (10 lessons) - starting on Monday 24 April (there are no lessons in SATS week)


Link to the new Wiltshire Music Connect site.