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 Welcome to Class 1 ....we are bubbling learners




Our class teachers are:

          Mrs Richards (Monday -Thursday) and Miss Briddon (Thursday afternoon and Friday) 

                                                       Mrs Dibden is our Teaching Assistant.



WOW we can't believe how fast this term has flown in Class 1. 

They do say time flies when you are having fun and we have had lots of fun!


This term we have enjoyed learning all about animals including ourselves! 

We have learnt about our body, chicken life cycles and the

classification of animals.


In Literacy we have looked at Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell and created

innovated versions of the story titled Dear Supermarket. 

We spent lots of time trying to help Jo the Head Zoo Keeper from

Marwell Zoo to rescue Freddy an escaped parrot. 

We made lost posters, wrote labels describing our traps we designed

and wrote, as well as recorded TV reports, asking for help.


In Maths we have continued to play lots of games to help us count in

multiples of 2, 5 and 10. 

We are getting much better at place value, solving missing

number problems using our fact families and using what we already

know to enhance our new learning. 

Finally we have been finding out about halves and quarters and have taken

time to explore these in the real world.




Our topic next term is Global Gardens.  Take a look at our planner

for a detailed overview but below is a sneak peak.


Literacy - We will learn to tell stories, make puppets and draw story maps

to help us write our own ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ stories. 

As well as continuing with our phonics work daily.

Numeracy - We will use objects and number lines to help add, subtract,

multiply and divide then write our answers using jottings and sums. 

We will focus on learning to apply this maths knowledge through problem

solving in different contexts.

Science - We will become nature detectives and explore our local



Click on this link for the parent planner

Spring Term 2017 Parent Planner

Autumn Term 2016 Parent Planner


Click on the links to view relevant interactive websites:

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