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Welcome to Class 2!

The home of some bubbling learners!     graphics-volcanoes-583759

Our class teacher is Miss Walker

and our TA's are Miss Wardley and Mrs Lupton


Our new topic for the summer is Knights and Castles. 

Taking inspiration from Kristina Stephenson's 'Sir Charlie Stinky Socks' books.

We will be writing our own Quest stories in Literacy based upon these books- making sure that we include interesting 'villains' and characters in distress!

In Maths we will be using the skills we have learnt throughout Year 2 to solve Maths puzzles and problems more independently- in particular, making the right choices about the strategies and resources to help us.

In Science, we will be learning how to care for plants, identifying and naming common British plants, carrying out a seed investigation and discovering new plants that we grow and eat from around the world.


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In our new topic, we will be:

  • Creating shields bearing our own coats of arms.
  • Locating famous castles around the United Kingdom and comparing their similarities and differences.
  • Using percussion instruments to create medieval inspired music.
  • Using ICT to design coats of arms, find kingdoms on GoogleEarth and creating information posters.

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We have enjoyed exploring these websites as part of our Literacy, Maths and Topic work. You can enjoy them too.(Click the pictures to go to the website) 

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