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Our Food Tasting Task Force (FTTF) was set up to support our Catering Manager as she tries out lots of new healthier foods and dishes in order to improve our school dinners. The SNAG members are included in the Food Tasting Task Force, along with other children were chosen by the Catering Manager to ensure representation against various criteria for example; they enjoyed food, would be happy to taste new foods, from all year groups, had school dinners or sandwiches. Every time there is a new food/dish the children have a sample and have to indicate their thoughts with a sticker that is placed on our Food For Life Partnership board. This does encourage other children to be more adventurous in trying out new foods as there is always excitement when a new ‘food’ is presented.

New foods that we have tasted in 2015/16 include peach cheesecake, ham and leek crumble, chicken stir fry, salmon fishcakes and scones with strawberries and cream.  We have also visited the New Forest School to have lunch with some of their pupils and look at their new kitchens.

Come and have a look at our noticeboard in the main School Hall to see what we have been up to.


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