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2016/17 School Year

Menu - Term 1 2016/17              Ordering Form - Term 1 2016/17
Menu - Term 2 2016/17 Ordering Form - Term 2 2016/17

Menu Term 3 2016/17 Wks 1-3

Menu Term 3 2016/17 Wks 4-6

Ordering Form - Term 3 2016/17
Menu Term 4 2016/17 Ordering Form - Term 4 2016/17
Menu Term 5 2016/17 Ordering Form - Term 5 2016/17
Menu Term 6 2016/17 Ordering Form - Term 6 2016/17

Paying for Meals

Meals cost £2.30 a day payable in advance  online using SIMS Agora. Cold drinks (orange and apple juice) are on sale from the kitchen counter (10p per day). Alternatively children may bring their own healthy sandwich packed lunch with a drink in unbreakable, labelled containers.   Parents to Lunch Meals are £3.00.  Please book your place online.

Children can choose occasional cooked lunches, alternating with sandwiches, provided that they are ordered in advance.  Have a look at our School Food Policy.  If a special diet is required on medical grounds, the catering manager will be pleased to arrange this with prior notice from the parent.

Infant Pupils (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) are entitled to a free school meal every day.  However, if you think your family is eligible for the pupil premium, we would ask that you still register so that the school can receive the funding available  - please ask at the School Office for details or fill in the Universal Free School Meals Application form (available under About Us - Forms on this website). 

 Allergen Information

Food Allergens can be life threatening.  If you have a food allergy, the only way you can manage it is to avoid the foods that make you ill.

Where allergens are used in your children's meals, we have indicated them on our menus using the key below. Please speak to the School Kitchen if you would like more information about the allergens in your child's food or visit

P - peanuts E - eggs Cl - celery
N - nuts Mi - milk Mu - mustard
Cr - crustaceans Ce - cereal L - lupins
Mo - molluscs S - soya SD - sulphur dioxide
F - fish SS - sesame seeds