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2016/17 School Year


Term 6

Year 2 Trip to Hawk Conservancy (sent out 22/6/17)

Term 6 dates letter (sent 9/6/17)

OurSchoolsApp Letter (sent out 9/6/17)

Pupil Questionnaire Report (sent out 9/6/17)

Class 6 SRE Letter (sent out 8/6/17)

Friends of St Andrew's Donations for Summer Fete (sent out 6/6/17)

Class 6 Bath Trip (sent out 5/6/17)

Term 5

NSPCC letter (sent out 22/5/17)

Update on ICT, staffing, dates and attendance (sent out 17/5/17)

Year 4 trip to Winchester (sent out on 17/5/17)

Mini Marathon helpers letter - Friends of St Andrew's (sent out 10/5/17)

Dates update letter (sent out 5/5/17)

Term 5 dates letter (sent out 28/4/17)

 Term 4

Class 3 trip to Salisbury Museum (sent out 5/4/17)

Staffing update letter (sent out 30/3/17)

Year 5 Primary Live Letter (sent out 28/3/17)

Scarlet Fever and Slapped Cheek (sent out 17/3/17)

Waitrose Letter Class 3 (sent out 14/3/17)

Waitrose Letter Class 5 (sent out 14/3/17)

Staffing Update letting (sent out 3/3/17)

Term 4 Dates letter (sent out 24/2/17)

Key Stage 2 Running Club letter (sent out 22/2/17)

Mini Marathon Entry Letter - Key Stage 2 (sent out 22/2/17)

Term 3

Friends of St Andrew's Movie Night (sent out on 7/2/17)

Year R trip to Winchester Science Centre (sent out on 31/1/17)

Maths curriculum evening and staffing letter (sent out on 20/1/17)

Term 3 dates letter (sent out on 6/1/17)


Term 2

Friends of St Andrew's Christmas Party Letter (sent out on 9/12/16)

Friends of St Andrew's Disco Letter (sent out on 6/12/16)

Term 2 reminders (sent out on 23/11/16)

Friends of St Andrew's Christmas Bazaar Help letter (sent out on 16/11/16)

Friends of St Andrew's Christmas Bazaar Donations letter (sent out on 15/11/16)

Term 2 meals reminder (sent out on 10/11/16)

Tea Towel Letter from Friends of St Andrew's (sent out on 9/11/16)

Term 2 Dates letter (sent out 4/11/16)

Term 1

Movie Night (Friends of St Andrew's) (sent out on 10/10/16)

Harvest Festival Flyer (sent out on 20/9/16)

Year 1 Trip to Salisbury Cathedral (sent out on 16/9/16)

Bikeability Letter Year 6 (sent out 16/9/16)

New School Year Letter (sent out 9/9/16)

2015/16 School Year

Term 6

Term 6 Updates (sent 1/7/16)

Parent Questionnaire (sent 1/7/16)

Residential Trip Initial Information (sent to Year 4 and Year 5 parents on 15/6/16)

Term 6 dates letter (sent out on 10/6/16)

Waitrose Year R (sent out on 9/6/16)

Waitrose Year 5 (sent out on 9/6/16)

Dads to Breakfast (sent on 6/6/16)