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We are extremely proud to be a flagship school for Wiltshire in the Food for Life Partnership.Their mission is to give schools and communities access to seasonal, local and organic food, and the skills to grow and cook fresh food for themselves. Pupils and parents are involved in cooking and growing healthy food and visiting local farms. The Partnership is led by the Soil Association in cooperation with the Focus on Food Campaign, Garden Organic and the Health Education Trust, backed by a £16.9 million grant over four years from the Big Lottery fund well-being programme. We launched our project in January 2009 and are currently working towards the Gold award, having achieved Bronze in 2010 and Silver in 2011.

Our progress towards these awards has included staff attending courses, children visiting the local Lake House organic farm, regular visits to the local Riverbourne Community Farm, and all members of the school community building and helping to maintain our school garden, complete with raised beds. As we have begun to create new dishes for school lunches and introduce new foods, we thought it would be a good idea to have feedback for Mrs Williams. We asked children with adventurous tastes, some who ate well, some who did not, and some who always had sandwiches to give us a taste test. 

Click on the links below to see our Food For Life News :-

School Year 12/13

Term 1 (October 2012)          Term 2 (December 2012)         Term 3/4 (March 2013)  

Term 5/6 (May 2013)    

School year 13/14      

Term 1/2 (October 2013)          Term 3/4 (April 2014)

School Year 14/15

Term 1 (October 2014)          Term 2 (December 2014)        Term 3 (February 2015)

Term 4 (March 2015)            

School Year 15/16

Term 1/2 (October 2015)             Term 3/4 (February 2016)

 Term 5 (May 2016)             Term 6 (July 2016)        

School Year 16/17        

 Term 1 (2016/17)                    Term 2 (2016/17)           Term 3 (2016/17)        Term 4 (2016/17)